Personalized Benefits Communication Consultants, Inc. (PBC Consultants, Inc.) provides a unique type of employee benefits communication service. They work with companies to produce personalized benefit and total compensation statements for the company’s employees.  PBC gathers employee human resource and payroll information, calculates benefits and projected retirement values, and creates individualized employee statements.The report generally is an eight-page booklet with a custom designed cover.These statements uniquely summarize an employee’s benefits, provide retirement projections, identify the employer’s cost to provide benefits to the employee and show the employee’s total compensation.  Because each is customized for the individual employer, you can target messages that are appropriate for various employee groups.

James Kordick is the president of PBC Consultants.  Jim has been in the benefits communication and administration business for over 25 years.  He has worked at some of the largest benefits consulting firms in the country during this time.  He has helped many dozens of companies communicate benefits information to their employees.  Prior to this Jim worked in information systems as a systems analyst and programmer.

Benefit or total compensation statements allow employees to see exactly what benefits their employer provides to them.  They eliminate confusion and misinformation and help to provide an appreciation for the company’s benefit program.  Employees generally take for granted the benefits offered by their company because they do not affect them on a daily basis. If the statement itemizes the cost for each of the benefits, the employee gets a good understanding for the value of their benefits package and sees that their compensation goes beyond just the cash compensation they receive each payday. In today’s economy it is more important than ever to communicate with employees about their benefits. Employee retention is important because of the time and cost factors related to employee turnover.Companies spend an enormous amount of money on benefits and employees receive significant protection from these plans.  If employees are not aware of this, they may make a career decision without full knowledge of the impact on their total compensation.

Today service is more important than ever.  Benefits executives are so busy and have so many additional responsibilities that they cannot devote the extra time it takes to prepare personalized communications on their own.  When they go to an outside source, they need an organization that will take charge of the project and minimize their time involvement.  At PBC Consultants we understand this and will take full responsibility for insuring that the benefit statement project is run smoothly and efficiently.  In addition to this, we will be responsive to your needs and objectives and will be proactive when necessary to insure the accuracy and quality of the finished communication.  We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help insure that your statements go out on time.

Quality is critical to this type of employee communication.  Each employee will be critiquing his or her statement, so it is imperative that every statement looks attractive and is accurate.  Our experience, production procedures and our attitude about our work helps to insure that your statements reflect the highest quality possible.

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